Samsung Is Doing It Big!

By OckyDub | Posted Oct 12 2013 | 3 Comments  


So I am watching the game and see two awesome commercials from Samsung. 

The first commercial was for Samsung’s new 85 inch S9 Ultra High Definition televisions.  It shows a guy over his brother in laws house creaming over the Samsung Television.  Ultra High Definition is apparently so hi-def that it will require your eyeballs to get an upgrade.

Samsung told me that their new Samsung television boasts four times the resolution, and precision-black backlight technology, giving your favorite entertainment new levels of enjoyment.  The “picture frame” design for the stand for this television gave me a “why didn’t they think of this before” moment.  It seems very practical, stylish and innovative.  It will remain in place but still allow you to move the screen angle…NICE.

Oh and check this out.  The frame stand has hidden speakers. With four secret panel speakers, the experience is of the highest quality. The powerful 120W speaker set-up brings the huge display to life and, being cleverly veiled within the framework, will have people curious as to how such splendid sound is possible.

This beauty also is a smart TV that can connect to the internet for updates, has voice and movement interactions via its smart control remote control or just speaking to the TV and allows navigation option with your hands.  Hmm, this seems to be Xbox Kinect inspired.  S9 Ultra HD is basically a computer with built in camera, wi-fi, quad processer, and has a 3D converter. With Samsung 3D converter, you can turn 2D viewing into 3D viewing.

By the way, if you have a spare $40,000 you can get the 85 inch screen in your home.  Check out the commercial below.



The second commercial was just awesome.  Its purpose was to take you on a trip down memory lane and show you all of the past television shows, movies and cartoons where characters use technologically advanced watches.  This is all a set up for Samsung to reveal that they now have a smart phone that is now a smart watch called the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch .

As cool as the commercial is numerous poor reviews are already coming out about the Galaxy Gear.  Obviously Samsung has some work to do in the Smart Watch arena. Here is the snippet review from Cnet.

The good: The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is attractive, comfortable, and makes it easy to see incoming calls

The bad: A lack of e-mail and social network support, limited compatibility with other devices, the external charging case, and hit-and-miss voice control seriously limit its usefulness.

The bottom line: Samsung’s take on the smartwatch has some potential, and it does get some things right, but its inability to perform truly “smart” functions means it falls far short of expectations.

Anyway, the commercial is still great.  Check it out below.

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  1. ControlledXaos
    Black Pegasus | October 12th, 2013

    Samsung televisions are indeed lust worthy. But I’m not cool with the TV stand. It’s not as “stylish” as I’d like. I wonder how Apple would design a computer stand? 🙂

  2. African King | October 12th, 2013

    Wow this stuff is all very nice!

  3. budda | October 13th, 2013

    Yea I like the TV but not the price. I think I will purchase a Samsung television for the holidays.

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