The best $30 I’ve spent on myself in awhile has def been buying “The Beard Bib” by BEARD KING. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just think the idea and product is kinda dope and I love sharing dopeness with the Cypher Avenue Squad.

Beards are back in now and those of us that can grow them often do so in our bathrooms over the sink. This leaves a mess that is both hard to clean and time consuming. And if you’re shaving in a rush (like me every morning), these little hairs can end up sitting around for days, making us look like slobs to anyone that visits.

The solution: The Beard Bib.

The bib attaches to your mirror and catches all of the trimmed hair before it clutters your sink and counter.

This simple product has saved me so much time and frustration when shaving. It not only captures all of the hair, making clean up easy, the Beard Bib also folds back up into a convenient handheld pouch.

Founder Nicholas Galekovic (featured in the photos and videos) originally pitched the idea on the television show “Shark Tank.” It’s a perfect invention idea: Find a simple solution to something that many people need.

The only negative I’ve seen so far is the mirror has to be wide enough to spread out and catch all of the hair. Hotel bathrooms can be stingy with mirror real estate so your mileage may vary when traveling.

The Beard Bib is available on their website,, as well as Amazon (here). There are imitation beard bibs out there but I copped the official one to support the original creator for executing on a dope idea.