Let’s take a trip to ‘What-If Imagination Land’.

What if Meek Mill revealed in an interview that when he was struggling to break into the music industry he sold drugs to pay for expensive studio costs? Duh…no shocking revelations there right? What if he stated in an IG rant that not only did he sell drugs but he would target his white female drug users, drug them (to unconsciousness) and then rob them? In our current activist climate, what do you think the public response would be?

What if Iggy Azalea stated she used to drug and rob Black dudes to get money for studio time? How about if YesJulz (the female version of Michael Rapaport who is constantly on the receiving end of Black women’s ire for being a culture vulture) admitted to drugging then robbing Black men for studio cash? How do you think Black Woke internet would respond?

Well we don’t need ‘What-If Imagination Land’ to analyze a comparable scenario because celebrity darling Cardi B has admitted to, “druggin and robbin niggas” to pay for studio time.

After viewing negative critical comments on her social media feeds, Bodack Yellow took to those platforms to make sure you know she’s a “street bitch”. This following lawsuits she’s filed against two social media personalities for defamation and slander for basically stating she (Cardi) was a former prostitute who used drugs and spreads STIs. In a now deleted video, Cardi rants about her struggles getting into the industry. She stated how expensive (50k) it was to get studio time and how no one was helping her. To make up for the lack in funds, she admits to using sex to lure men, drug them, then rob them to make her dreams of  being a rapper come true. I do find it funny that she admitted to actions that are similar to the allegations she’s suing for. Outside of knocking the men out with blow darts, how did she do this? Did she lace blunts or put something in their drinks to render them unconscious?


What do notable woke activists and celebrity gossip spaces have to say about this female predator who admitted to drugging men against their will and then taking advantage of them….not a damn thing. As a matter of fact, some don’t see this as a big deal because she didn’t sexually assault them (that we know of).

Since her admission, Cardi has decided to temporally leave social media to allow her stans and hive to defend her reprehensible criminal actions. It seems in mainstream media they’re only concerned about the past horrible predatory misdeeds of Black male entertainers and not those of white males or female entertainers. Especially not from someone like Cardi who needed an abundance of empathy because Offset cheated on her.

Should she be ‘muted’ and have her songs pulled from radio stations and streaming services? What about cancelling her shows and talk show appearances? Will artists, actors and entertainers she has worked with give statements condemning her horrible deeds? Not holding the Grammy winner, her followers along with media outlets accountable for their double standards is sending a message that drugging someone and taking advantage of them while unconscious is wrong unless the victim is male.

I’m glad the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB is trending but I seriously doubt it will spark serious discussion or deep think pieces that we’ve seen in the last year regarding this type of behavior.