Rap artist Kaoz’ anticipated album is now officially available for purchase as a digital release for the low price of $5 through his website, kaoz.bandcamp.com.

For those not in the know, we’ve highlighted the artist several times in the pages of Cypher Avenue. Nick Delmacy previously posted an honest, unbiased review of both the artist and the music (more on that later) and the musician was also named Cypher Avenue’s Best Gay Artist of 2011. Since that time Kaoz has released a few music videos including one for the new single, “High Az Eva” from EnterSextions Vol. 1 released today.

The Cypher Avenue team had a chance to sit down and talk with Kaoz in a new podcast where they previewed new music and got an uncensored view of the rapper’s opinions on sex, drug use and being openly Gay in the black community. Kaoz even got to respond to Nick’s harsh criticism of confusing lyrics and a certain tear-filled Youtube interview. Overall it was a great discussion filled with tough questions and great music.

 INTERVIEWS: Rap Artist Kaoz

In this interview, Octavius Williams and Nick Delmacy joins Rap artist Kaoz to discuss his new album EnterSextions, his musical roots, sex, drugs and being openly Gay in the Hip Hop community.