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The Terror at Your Front Door 

Recently a terror cell was uncovered, not due to preemptive investigations or wire taps but because one of its members snapped and killed other members. This crime lead authorities to discover propaganda, recruiting fliers, bomb making and radioactive materials in the member’s shared apartment that….


Black Gay Privilege Does Exist 

The new controversial buzz phrase that’s making its way through the internet and gay-o-sphere is Black Gay Privilege. Yep, you read it right, Black Gay Privilege. Back in 2012 David Pedulla released The Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes: Race, Sexual Orientation and the Job Application…


Our National Chess Champions! 

The NBA Championships are over and the World Cup Championship is going strong but I thought I would share with everyone a championship that some may have missed; The United States Chess Federation’s 2014 National K-12 Championship. We always hear negative news as it pertains…

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RANT – The Knock Out Game 

The beast is being well fed. Fox News, Right-Wing media outlets, supremacist leaning organizations and website are having a field day with the latest videos
of black teens gone wild and sucker punching unsuspected innocent bystanders as they peacefully stroll down the street. The victims’ heads often hit the
hard pavement as they lay there motionless. There has been at least one fatality reported as a result of this “game”.

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Much Ado About Don O’ Reilly 

After the George Zimmerman’s acquittal, many in the black and brown communities begin to push for national conversations about race, racism, racial profiling and conditions in minority communities. The large vocal right wing conservatives rebuffed and said, “Please don’t talk to us about race and injustice. Look at what you Negroes do to each other in your own communities”.