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F–k Kanye! 

Being a free thinker is primarily drawn from a curiosity. This curiosity modestly drives one to explore what is considered traditional thought by the consensus with raising questions of your own. These questions can either raise consciousness and  expose truth or challenge opinions along with …


Dissecting Hotep Logic on Homosexuality 

In this podcast I question what appear to be two glaring opposing thoughts from the Pro-Black Conscious “Hotep” community as it relates to Black Male Homosexuality. Check out my dissection and commentary below. As always, please share your feedback and subscribe to my channel.    

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The Terror at Your Front Door 

Recently a terror cell was uncovered, not due to preemptive investigations or wire taps but because one of its members snapped and killed other members. This crime lead authorities to discover propaganda, recruiting fliers, bomb making and radioactive materials in the member’s shared apartment that….

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Heritage AND Hate 

The Confederate Flag has been thrust into the national spot light, after years of public discussion dormancy. Having lived in the south my entire life – Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia – I’ve witnessed its transition from flying over state capitols and local government buildings,…