Being a free thinker is primarily drawn from a curiosity. This curiosity modestly drives one to explore what is considered traditional thought by the consensus with raising questions of your own. These questions can either raise consciousness and  expose truth or challenge opinions along with  popular and conservative  reasoning. It blooms independent thinking, promotes rational argument, and ignites critical discussion.

It can be said that Kanye’s musical genius is spilling over into his rational sensibilities. We’ve seen his activity on social media  lately as he’s been posting more frequently when before posts were long dormant. Some could say his posts are reckless and questioning what most people will consider insensitive. His photo of him wearing the Trump “Make America Great Again” cap and seemingly his support of Trump by professing his love and admiration of him doesn’t align. It is contradictory of him being an African-American male while unarmed black men are being shot and killed in this country. While more occurrences of racism and hate crimes are enacted and reported ; the Trump rants makes it all dismissive which passively foster and encourages this bad behavior to happen more frequently, unfortunately.

West’s rhetoric have been inflammatory , insensitive, and a bit too narrow. Understandably drawing criticism from his peers and the public.

The irony is that his thoughtless remarks are inciting outrage and the trending topic on all social platforms is #CancelKanye.

There’s scripture that is apropos. Proverbs 17:28 reads as “Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise;when he closes his lips, he is considered prudent.“ It would have been prudent for Kanye to have prepared something to help organize his thoughts. I watched the TMZ interview, ad nauseam , a dozen times and the Charlamagne tha God interview which was lengthy and quite informative.

 Kanye seems to be more in an awkwardly place of transition and not necessarily the dark and sunken kind. He’s experienced some growth and self affirmed breakthroughs which I feel is genuinely realized after watching the CtG interview.*  He’s an artist and in his beautifully creative mind experiencing more growing pains. He honestly shared details on his hospitalization, his fears, his conflict with Jay Z,  his mother, his business acumen, racism, and  responsibilities of being a husband and father. This interview is very revealing which shows some bravery in allowing himself to be vulnerable, candid, and exposed. He’s been through some trials.

I was equally as stunned by his remarks during that TMZ interview and even glossed over a few of his Twitter posts for I wasn’t going to react to a few shared opinionated words. I want Kanye to win. I respect his talent and his brand. Maybe one shouldn’t be as over reactive as he without further examining his statements. Kanye and his expressed feelings and being in his feelings unfiltered…uncensored is so human truly shows how flawed we all are. I’m not stanning for Kanye. It is my effort to show how this scenario can still become a positive one. I have hope that forgiveness can get extended to him in time. Should anger be the first emotion publicly expressed?  An afterthought permits reflection. I’m sure he’s feeling some regret now. Kanye even tweeted clarification and shown humility on a previous Twitter post as….


…and even Chris Brown had a moment of clarity to recant and post this…


To the heart, in all of us, speaks to change. Asking questions, challenging conservative and traditional norms shows innovation and evolution-evolution of self and of the culture. The fault I find lies in the unpreparedness and the delivery of what was said. Kanye doesn’t get a pass because of his wealth or his being an artist or a celebrity. Facts. He’s a man first. Perhaps, instead of saying Fuck Kanye or Damn Kanye, let’s try exhibiting some compassion with another four letter word and verb like P-R-A-Y and L-O-V-E. 

Being outspoken is freeing only after carefully organizing your thoughts. Abraham Lincoln, once said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”, however, with firecrackers like ‘Ye and a few people that we all know, it’s not so easy to hit that filter switch.  Optimistically, some good can ultimately come out of this. This is a teachable moment for us all and most importantly for Kanye.