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CA Podcast #67 – The “Night King Inappropriately Touched Me” Episode 

In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy discuss Nick’s level of Pettiness, the Grammy Award Nominations, if Tyler the Creator is really Bisexual or is just being gay-vague to sell records, two Black brothers permanently changing their eye color, sexy teenagers who look like grown men, if Nick has a “Peter Pan Syndrome,” the four reasons HE may not be ready for YOU, why dating men is like binge watching TV shows, the four stage of a relationship and many more topics!


Richard Sherman Gets the Madden 15 Cover 

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will grace the cover of Madden 15. “Winning the cover is a kid’s dream come true,” Sherman said.  Fans had an opportunity to vote at ESPN between finalist Sherman and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Sherman becomes the second Seahawks…

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This week’s edition of “Kush Trailers” will be a little bit different because it will be top heavy with video game trailers. The PS4 is on the way and we thought we would feature some interesting trailers that caught our eye. The CGI effects, musical score, sound quality and cinematic action in video games get better year after year and those featured below are no exception.