Richard Sherman Gets the Madden 15 Cover

By OckyDub | Posted Jun 9 2014 | 3 Comments  

Madden15Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will grace the cover of Madden 15. “Winning the cover is a kid’s dream come true,” Sherman said.  Fans had an opportunity to vote at ESPN between finalist Sherman and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Sherman becomes the second Seahawks player to grace the cover. Running back Shaun Alexander had the honor in 2007. The two time Pro Bowler had 20 interceptions and 60 passess defensed; more so than any other cornerback in the league.

Sherman captured the spotlight early in 2014 year due to a passionate postgame rant that lead to a certain segment of America adopting a new favorite word that flowed freely from their lips…“thug”. The super intelligent Stanford grad and Superbowl champion didn’t let it shake him. He was quick to shut down his critics and point out the nasty racial undertones in which the way the word “thug” was being implied.

Even though I’m happy for him I’m pissed that I’m also somewhat superstitious about that damn Madden Curse. The Madden Curse is when an NFL player graces the cover of the extremely popular video game, then their career goes down the tubes. Past players to make the cover and be “cursed” include Barry Sanders, Dorsey Levens, Eddie George, Daunte Culpepper and Michael Vick. Check out the list here.

Will he be the first to escape the curse? Regardless how or if his career ends, the outspoken Communications Major will surely have a place as a commentator or some other venture within television.  Curse or no curse, something tells me Richard Sherman will be just fine.

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  1. SB3000 | June 9th, 2014

    The ‘thug’ gets the cover…that’s wasup!

    • Rod Turpin
      Rod! | June 10th, 2014

      Lol, I still was amazed that he got branded that way over some boastful remarks. Good for him for getting this!

  2. LEE B | June 9th, 2014

    Awesome!!! Hats off to this dude!!

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