November will mark the release of the sixth installment in the Terminator franchise. I don’t hide the fact that I’m hypersensitive to sci-fi films set in the future – while post-apocalyptic – still seem to be a utopia of whiteness. I understand in Hollywood Black folk don’t exist in the future, even though people of color make up the majority of the world’s population.

By watching the trailer some could say, “Wait, the trailer has two Hispanics. If Trump wasn’t impeached he could’ve built the wall. Also they’ve got a man hating lesbian Terminator, the She-1000. How is this film not diverse?” As the grandmother in Netflix’s reboot of One Day at a Time said to her grand-daughter; “you may have Hispanic heritage but you’re white…you look like Anne Hathaway”.  Yeah I know Terminator Genisys had a sexy male K-Pop Asian T-1000 but let’s be honest; if an actor is darker than a banana, they may have a very hard time getting cast in a Terminator film or any James Cameron film for that matter.

Ok, enough with my racial digressions and back to the trailer. What’s the point of another Terminator film?

This will be another Hollywood blockbuster that I’ll wait for a nice bootleg copy to hit the internet so I can just fast forward to the action scenes. Who wants to sit through a bunch of cringy acting and futuristic sci-fi tropes?

Like a robot that thinks its human. Didn’t they do that already two sequels ago?

How exactly does a robot age? I forgot the explanation concerning this from the previous films.

Dora has to be protected because she or her offspring are the key to bringing down and preventing Skynet from wiping out mankind in the nuclear holocaust, which has been the apart of the plot in every film in the franchise.

Maybe it’s me but I think the CGI should look light years better than the T-1000 from 1991’s T2. Which was amazing by the way.

I’m all for nostalgia but my god, this is approaching Transformers / X-Men territory. Check out the trailer for yourself.

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