Let’s be real. As us men get older, we tend to hold on to the weight in the mid-section a lot more. And in a gay community with only two official weight classes (Bears and Twinks), this can cause some men to kill themselves in the gym to keep/achieve stomachs as flat as possible.

Liposuction. This is where all of that disposable income from not having children can come in handy, right?

Before you laugh at the idea as something only for vain older women, remember that the highest paid actor in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had liposuction to remove fat in his chest area.

He says, “It was an aesthetic thing. I went in and showed the doctor, and he
said, ‘Are you crazy?’ I was walking around with my shirt off all the time, so
I had it done.”

Joe Budden, Pusha T and DJ Carnage have all claimed that Drake got liposuction repeatedly to achieve his “sculpted stomach.”

And how could we forget when Kanye West admitted to getting liposuction in that infamous TMZ interview:

Celebrity drama and shaming aside, liposuction is an individual choice and can help both women and men with their self esteem by leaps and bounds. Not to mention the health benefits that can come from it.

I’ll repeat, there is nothing wrong with getting liposuction if it helps you feel better about yourself!

But let’s face it, this discussion is from a vanity POV.

As I’ve written about before, although I’m a slim to average built guy, I’ve never had a flat stomach or six pack abs. There has always been the last bit of lower abdomen fat that refuses to go away.

Hypothetically speaking, lipo could help with that.

Let’s hear from a fellow Black gay man on the subject. Infamous vlogger Walter Lee Hampton II spent $7000 on flank and abdomen liposuction and spoke about the experience on his YouTube channel.

So if you had $7,000 to $10,000 to burn, would you do liposuction to achieve the look you desired?