The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on the NFL & Michael Sam’s Coming Out

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Feb 12 2014 | 11 Comments  


The SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam came out publicly as Gay on Sunday night sparking conversations on him possibly being the first gay player in the NFL once he’s drafted. Of course, talk of his draft stock falling immediately followed the announcement due to the “controversy” in having an openly gay player.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, known for pointing out hypocrisies around the world, quickly jumped on the “controversy” of a possible future gay NFL player with a hilarious segment called, “Friday Night Rights”.

My favorite sarcastic line from Stewart was: “Its as though sexual orientation has nothing to do with physical strength.”

I love when black gay men break down the stereotypes of what it means to be black and gay.

Stewart goes on to hilariously roast and pick apart the detractors and doubters of Michael Sam’s chance of being drafted now that he is openly gay to the public.



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  1. RolandG
    rolandgarros28 | February 12th, 2014

    Someone really needs to plaster a list of all the convicted criminals, wife beaters, drug users that are routinely allowed to play in the NFL with no issue from fans, players or management. Jon Stewart laying out that partial list at the end is classic. Michael Sam’s problem, to a lot of straight men, is that he seems to be well adjusted, smart and most importantly, no ashamed of his sexuality. Trust me. If he was weak and apologetic about his sexuality, people wouldn’t be as “uncomfortable.” His mistake is in not asking their permission to be gay. SMH

  2. Ocky Williams | February 13th, 2014

    In other words…the college players are/were more intellectually mature than some of the NFL players.

  3. D.W. | February 13th, 2014

    While I totally understand Jon Stewart point, and I agree that who the fuck cares if he is gay but I read an article earlier about from pro player, Terrell Thomas, on ESPN that gave a interesting a mature response to attention brought to having the NFL’s first openly gay player.

    • Ocky Williams | February 13th, 2014

      Here is the problem with this argument, which is a poor one IMO. I like many gay men across America, see other naked men in the locker room everyday…AND NOTHING HAPPENS. No ogling, staring, or erections. Also gay men are currently in NFL lockers rooms and nothing happens. This mindset equates to “all gay men want me because I’m straight and irresistible” is lame.

      • Exhibit REY | February 13th, 2014

        EXACTLY! Every athlete (gay and/or straight) whether NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. has seen another athlete naked in the locker room so the use of that excuse as a rebuttal to an openly gay athlete is just null and void!

      • D.W. | February 14th, 2014

        I am not saying that its right but many straight guys are only friends with gay guys because they knew them before they knew about their sexuality and also the ignorant str8 man thinks very gay guy wants him, that mostly likely would happen in an NFL locker room.

        • Kasule | February 15th, 2014

          Ok this made me pause. Yeah, probably most of my friends (they’re all straight) were friends with me before I came out. Only a few of them met me as “gay.”

          Being friends with a dude first, before finding out he is gay, can maybe make things easier.

          Also, perhaps the environment in which a straight guy meets a gay dude can make a big difference. Socially, if I meet a new straight dude while hanging out with a group of straight dudes, it’s easy. If a bunch of straight guys clearly already accept me, then I’m “safe.”

          If it’s just me and a straight dude talking – then I come out to him – it can be (hilariously) awkward for him. And ok sometimes for me.

          Generally, I would say: fuck coddling the insecurities of straight dudes! Thats some bullshit. Who needs that??

          But given how I find it harder to make gay friends…well…it’s not that simple all of a sudden…

  4. J's Destiny | February 14th, 2014

    I only slightly understand people being uncomfortable with the thought of KNOWING versus not KNOWING someone is gay in their locker room. My thought is what if you don’t know and the person that you joke around with the most is in fact not joking, but is serious and just able to cover it up that well. When you actually find out will it change anything about the PAST or will it open your eyes up to a more accepting future?

    • LEE B | February 14th, 2014

      One thing I have noticed is that men period, gay or straight, will admire the physique of another man. Also as someone who played football, I can tell you that a lot of playful grabbing of other people’s body parts happened on a frequent basis. It also wasn’t uncommon to hear someone blurt out, “Damn you got a big dick!” when they saw one of their teammates naked. This is why I find it funny that these players act like they are so uncomfortable with gay men being in the locker room when they are used to seeing and participating in homoerotic behavior.

      • Ocky Williams | February 14th, 2014

        Yep…all of what you said.

      • D.W. | February 14th, 2014

        But they are comfortable joking with it knowing that the guy they playing with is going home to fuck his girl, not saying its right, but its the mindset of a str8 man they not think abut dude really might like my dick

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