Sylvia A. Harvey, a journalist for Newsone has recently completed a short yet interesting documentary that explores the phenomena of unrestrained Male intimacy in Sports. She poses the general question as follows:

“In the Black community, men who express even a passing, friendly physical affection toward each other are often subject to ridicule and homophobic attacks.

But on the basketball court, the sight of men kissing, hugging and patting each others’ backsides scarcely draws a comment.

Why is that?”

This is a very good question indeed. Basic physical intimacy on the court is generally accepted while that same kind of physical touching in everyday life is shunned. It’s worth noting that this seems to primarily be the case in the United States since men in many other countries have no problem with hugs, holding hands or kissing each other on the cheek (in many places its offensive if you DON’T do this).

The documentary features what appears to be a Skype interview with openly Gay former NBA player Don Amaechi who we’ve previously spoken about here. He adds poignant commentary to an otherwise basic recap of what we already know about male masculinity and intimacy.

Nonetheless, the short video brings up interesting conversation starters for several topics that we’ve been discussing for the last 10 months here at Discreet City. Examples include: What really is Out of Bounds when it comes to American men being physically intimate in public? Are the “No Homo” and “Pause” terms justified in some cases? Will our society ever evolve to the point of matching the intimacy seen amongst men in other countries?



– Nick D