This is old news since it was originally spread around a week ago, so many of you may have already seen this. I was hesitant to even post about it, hence the delay. But here it is…DJ Vald recently interviewed Rapper Fat Joe and asked him about gay rappers. Vlad seems to have an unusual obsession with the topic of homosexuality, he asked rapper The Game the same questions. Not sure what that says about Vlad but Fat Joe responded with two things that kind of annoyed me.
Okay, He didn’t really say anything outright negative but I still had some issues with his responses.

1. He says that there is a Gay Mafia running the hip hop music industry (ie: magazine editors, radio programming directors, etc). Basically saying that the behind-the-scenes aspect of the industry is run by gays, which he is “not a fan of” as he puts it…2. He feels that a person who does not advertise his/her homosexuality is “hiding” and they should all come out of the closet (or at least make it known on sight to him that they are Gay). He feels that in 2011/2012, we are past the point where you need to “hide” your sexual “preference”.

First of all, a person’s sexual “orientation” has nothing to do with their career. There is no conspiracy. Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj are not popular because of some elaborate Gay plan for world domination. Attractive male rappers and singers grace magazine covers not because Gays are the editors. They’re on the covers because being attractive helps sell magazines, to both men and women, even if they’re straight. And radio programming directors choose songs that keep viewers tuned in.

Secondly, Fat Joe must be delusional to think that everyone needs to advertise their sexuality. Especially if it doesn’t affect others. If I’m interviewing Fat Joe for a magazine, why should I make it known to him that I’m Gay? Oh, because its 2011, that’s right. Also, why is it “hiding?” The only reason a random man should be aware of the fact that I’m Gay is if I wanna fuck him and I decide to try to make advances towards him. When anyone walks into a business meeting, do they first scan the room to determine who’s homosexual? Once they do, does their powerpoint presentation then change in any way? Is there a gay-version of their prepared speech?

Imma calm down.

I just have an issue with the Gay witch-hunt (aka sexual nosiness) that goes on in this society. Everyone’s need to know who’s Gay is sickening. It even appears amongst Gay people themselves. The worse of it applies to single black women. They’re cool with having the feminine Gay friend that shops and gossips with them, but as soon as they find out a masculine discreet guy is Gay or Bisexual, its “disgusting” or Armageddon Cometh and Sodom & Gomorrah all over again.

I feel the opposite of Fat Joe: In this day and age, who cares if someone is Gay or bisexual…In 2012 why do we still need to KNOW that a person is Gay if we’re not trying to date/have sex with them, especially celebrities? Why is it still such a big deal to so many people? I think a lot of it has to do with common misconceptions that plague masculine Gay/Bisexual men. The main one being, “I don’t want to be around some man that is attracted to me, dog.” But why not? Are they afraid of being raped? Women are around men that they don’t want but are attracted to them ALL THE TIME. Are women as equally “disgusted?”

I really feel that men who feel threatened my masculine Gay men are secretly fearful of some real buried part of themselves coming out. They say that many religious people don’t like they’re faith challenged because it may lead to them losing it…Maybe these “straight” men are worried about losing their heterosexuality badge as well. The way I see it, if your faith or sexuality is that fragile that you can’t have it risked being challenged, then maybe it isn’t that strong to begin with…

Sigh, I could go on and still nothing would change.

What are your thoughts?

– Nick D