Fly Young Red - My Money-5

So far, no one can accuse Fly Young Red of not being authentic when it comes to fully representing as an openly gay Hip Hop artist. From his introduction to the world on “Throw That Boy Pussy” all the way to this latest remix of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money,” FYR both lyrically and visually holds it down for the “boys who like boys.”

This time around, instead of adding two random female models to join him in the video, Fly Young Red adds two seductive transgender women…and a Bentley if you’re paying attention. For those that don’t know, the low end price for a Bentley starts at around $180,000.

Bruh, that’s equivalent to owning 9 Nissan Altimas.

Now, by no means do we think FYR actually owes this Bentley (unless ad dollars from YouTube views are paying a LOT more than we thought), but we have to admit that this is a pretty big “get” for a quick & simple music video from a new openly gay rap artist…who’s yet to even drop an album.

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Fly Young Red - My Money

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