I guess this was bound to happen.

For years at Cypher Avenue we’ve advocated for more masculine representation in the gay space, so this was bound to happen.

Masculine leaning Gay men would soon step up to fill the void by either depicting images of the regular lives of regular men…or they would overcompensate by emulating the “thug” aspects of heterosexual men.

We saw it begin with the “masculine equals thug” depictions on web series like Freefall and No Shade.

Now we have this music video by new gay rapper from Houston, Fly Young Red, called “Throw That Boy Pussy.”

In this music video for his trap song we see the young, attractive “Red Hustla” (full of tattoos, bottles of top-shelf liquor and a squad of fitted cap wearing goons) at the club cheering for effeminate gay men in booty shorts to “throw that boy pussy.”

Fly Young Red - Throw That Boy Pussy Video-1

I get it.

This is a ratchet strip club song…for black gay men.

This isn’t that much different than Hip Hop artists such as Tyga, 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Juicy J in similar videos shouting that bands a make her dance.Hell, Tyga’s music video for “Rack City” features ass for days.

Why can’t gay men have their own equivalent version?

This is progress.

I may not be a fan of the gay men twerking in the booty shorts…or even a fan of calling a man’s anus a “boy pussy”…but there are many young masculine gay men who love this just as much as masculine straight men love the female twerking equivalent.

For better or worse, Fly Young Red is representing for the young gay men like himself.

Gay masculinity is slowly creeping to the forefront…So far, the gay thugs are winning…