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Occasionally we find music videos that we feel the urge to share with fellow weirdos like ourselves. So now that we a platform to do just that, expect to see a (semi) daily dose of under-the-radar music to add to your iTunes library.

Goon Music.
This is the type of shit you see filling up my iPhone 5 before I hit the gym. Something about it brings out the best and worst in us, which is needed before every workout. On top of that, I’m the type of dude you will see debating politics over wine & chesse during the day, but then see in a ratchet, gooned-out,  smoke-filled club that evening.

Meek Mill’s debut album Dreams & Nightmares provided me with plenty of hyped music tracks when it was released late last year. If you haven’t copped his album, do so ASAP. Need proof, check out the intro to the record, wait to the 1:35 mark on the song and watch the beat drop. If by the end of the song it doesn’t make you wanna punch a baby and throw a garbage can through the window of Sal’s Pizza, your soul is dead.