Freaky Boiz - Jockin Em'

With Lasto, Kaoz, Bry’Nt, Siya and Fly Young Red out there on the frontlines of the gay rap music scene, the world of mainstream Hip Hop will have to start making room for more LGBT artists.

Now its time to add another name to the list. We haven’t mentioned the rap duo “Freaky Boiz” much on this website…Scratch that, we haven’t mentioned them ever.

Well the young bucks have finally given us a reason to give them some props by dropping this new music video for their song “Jockin Em.”

The video features rappers TTGotIt & Prince Charming creatively remaking the classic film “Friday”, portraying the Ice Cube and Chris Tucker main characters from the film. What a simple yet dope idea…and very well executed.

Like the music or not, you have to admit these MCs are talented. They’ve already built up a pretty sizable fan base, many of their YouTube videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

While not relevant to their talent, the young dudes are really easy on the eyes too…at least to this gay rap fan. And full disclosure: I’ve always thought the below photo of the rap duo was pretty dope and sexy.


Before you start jumping to conclusions that they are a couple, they’re just really close friends.

This was confirmed in their infamous interview on the morning syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club. I say “infamous” because radio personality  Charlemagne The God totally sonned them the whole time. At no point did he show these two grown men he was interviewing any kind of respect.

I actually felt bad for them as they sat there not being asked questions about their music, talent or large fan base…instead they were subjected to  Top/Bottom questions, details about their sexuality, had they had sex with each other, questions about being gay, when did they come out, etc…Are heterosexual artists subjected to these types of questions? During the entire interview?

The fellas did as well as they could but this interview was a train wreck on so many levels.

Even if a Gay Rapper were to get mainstream, it will be an uphill battle to get the black audience to truly take them seriously.