Community Season 5 Trailer - Beyond the Darkest Timeline - C

How awesome is this? The goofy, eccentric and most times hilarious NBC show “Community” makes its fifth season return this January after nearly being cancelled…again. Creator Dan Harmon returns to the show to get things back on track after a universally panned forth season without him. He was fired by NBC during the third season after years of erratic behavior and on-stage rants about former series star, Chevy Chase.

Leaving “Community” this season, however, is actor Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino). He will only appear in 6 episodes this season, allowing him to move on with his music and his own show, “Atlanta” on the FX network. Funnily enough, the show references Glover’s departure from the show by referencing Scrubs actor Zach Braff only appearing in 6 episodes of the final season of his show as well.

All of that aside, the trailer is wacky, epic and crazy. Can’t wait for the new season.