Popular Songs from my Youth that I Hated but others Loved

By OckyDub | Posted Jul 28 2017 | 5 Comments  


Even though the catch all over used phrase of “hater” hadn’t been invented yet, many would’ve absolutely considered me a hater for the disgust I had for certain songs or artists while growing up.

This hate was exasperated due to their heavy rotation on radio stations and everyone else adoring these songs or artists. To this day when these songs come on the radio, I immediately tense up with an stank scowl on my face and change the channel. Here are a few the songs I hated while growing up.

Granted I enjoy tracks by washed up Mariah Carey like I Give My All, Dream Lover and Breakdown but I’m not no fan. I couldn’t stand the hype over her as an artist when she first arrived on the scene which means of course I hated Vision of Love.


What are some of the songs from your childhood that others loved but you secretly hated?




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