Throw Back Thursday: The Women of Prince

By OckyDub | Posted Apr 28 2016 | 6 Comments  

Women Of Prince

We all have our favorite Prince songs or performances but what about the many songs performed by his female protégées or other talented female singers? These songs usually exuded sexual innuendos and as soon as you heard them, they were undeniably Prince. Here are a couple of my all-time favorite Prince songs written for female performers.

Sheila E – The Glamorous Life

Appollonia 6 – Sex Shooter

Taja Sevelle – Love Is Contagious

Sheena Easton – Sugar Walls

Vanity 6 – Nasty Girl

Sheila E – A Love Bizarre

Sorry, I just couldn’t leave out one of my favorite Prince tracks.

Prince – Pop Life





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