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WATCH: Premiere Episode of “Ghosts of Fort Greene” Web Series Starring Bry’Nt 

Freefall creator Lamont Pierre debuted his first new post-LGBT-community-retirement series “Ghosts of Fort Greene” starring current-LGBT-community-rapper Bry’Nt this week. Pierre serves as Producer, Director, Writer, Editor and Cinematographer on this 30+ minute premiere episode set in New York City. SYNOPSIS: Hop (Bry’nt) and Skip (William…

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CA Podcast #65 – The “News We Missed” Episode 

In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy return from a long podcast absence to catch up on various news stories and LGBT related topics. Their discussion includes Cardi B’s rise to music fame, Bobby Valentino’s alleged run-in with a trans escort, the odd appeal for Tripp Ali & Rico Pruitt in Black Gay web series, Guitarist Steve Lacy’s coming Out as Bisexual but refusing to date Black Men, Youtuber Jessica Kohinoor’s recent transition, the temptation to hire porn escorts, overly intimate and touchy gays and many more topics!