Yaaaaay! Long live good old fashioned Hypermasculinty!

In 50 short seconds FOX washed out the horrible taste that their sister network FX left in our mouths with the abysmal estrogen filled awfulness that was American Horror Story: Coven by unveiling this bad-ass macho teaser trailer to “24: Live Another Day.”

The muscular real-time espionage show “24” starring Keifer Sutherland ran for 8 seasons and a TV movie until its final episode back in 2010. The “Event Series” return of the franchise character Jack Bauer will being on May 5th as a 12 episode mini-series.

The minute-to-minute real time format of the show will return with a few tweaks including jumps in time between episodes. Also returning is Mary Lynn Rajskub as Jack’s loyal assistant Chloe O’Brian.

Also joining the cast for the first time around will be Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire) and John Boyega (Attack The Block).


Check out the teaser for “24: Live Another Day” and let us know if you’re as excited as we are for the return of Jack Bauer!