The first episode of the new season of the web series Freefall dropped recently. Its great to see that filmmakers are still actively creating content featuring gay/bisexual men of color. It’s also great to see diversity highlighted in the content, such as the existence of masculine gay men not portrayed as “down low rappers” or merely as one-dimensional objects of lust for effeminate men.
Having said that, regular Cypher Avenue readers already know how we felt about this show’s previous season. We even had a conversation about our views with the creator of the series, Lamont Pierre. However, it looks like the show has been rebooted with a new cast, a new look and possibly a new story direction.
We haven’t had a chance to watch the premiere yet since we’re knee deep into developing the new website, but you can expect my full review and recap if we can get a little extra time soon. In the meantime, let us know what you guys think about the episode in the OPEN DISCUSSION comments below.