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How Big Is Big Enough? 

Cypher Ave co-founder Nick Delmacy sent me a link to a podcast he wanted me to listen to. This was a podcast featuring three gay men discussing a multitude of pop culture topics. The reason he forwarded me the podcast cast was because Cypher Avenue…


Stuff LaRon Landry Can Do In His Spare Time 

If you don’t know by now (unless you’ve been under a rock) Indianapolis Colts safety LaRon Landry has been suspended due to testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)….yawn. I feel somewhat the complete opposite than the rest of the ill-informed, partially pharmaceutical funded media…

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Top 15 Sexiest Bad-Ass Mothafrakin’ Black Men in Science Fiction 

Science Fiction Movies and Bad-Ass Attractive Black Men are probably my favorite things to look at. So why not combine my two loves into one huge list, right? Sure, lets do it. Here’s a list of my personal favorite roles/films in which Black men played a minor or large role as an Ass or Alien kicking force to be reckoned with!

Eye Candy

Beard Envy 

Awesome Discovery of the Day: A small tumblr blog featuring nothing but collected photos of attractive black men of all ages, shapes and sizes with beards. If you have a love for men with beards, be careful not to look up and realize that you’ve been scrolling through the images for over an hour like I did.