Reminiscent of Fly Young Red’s rise to viral fame back in 2014 (wow, has it really been that long?), 21 year-old New Orleans based rapper, Young KSB, recently dropped his own anthem for the gay community, “Slob On My Ass.”

“‘Slob On My Ass’ is a remix I decided to do to a popular hit song from the ’90s, [Editor’s note: “Slob On My Knob”]” Young KSB told PRIDE. “I wanted to put my own spin on it and just have fun. I noticed a lot of my music was great but I never really had fun with it so I did this and it went viral literally as soon as I dropped the video. I’m completely overwhelmed by everything and God has been so good to me. I know the LGBT community will always love it and know I did this for them!”

I will neither confirm or deny if I personally partake in the art of butt munching…but I will say that it’s nice to be appreciated…hypothetically speaking, of course.

The kid already has an 8-song album available called “The Come Up” that was released late last year. It’s currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other places.

Whether your cup of tea or not, we here at Cypher Avenue hope for the best for Young KSB. As we’ve witnessed first hand, Hip Hop can be a tough industry for openly gay men to be successful with some longevity.