Interesting enough, R’ha is a Terminator / Matrix style narrative of the Robot Apocalypse.  The difference between R’ha and the aforementioned is that this CGI short film takes place on a distant world.  The militarized robots built to serve the residents revolt and begin to destroy the planets inhabitants.   The inhabitants of the world flee to a rendezvous point, perhaps in space or on another world.  The robots capture a soldier and he is interrogated by a robot leader.  This is the center piece of the short film.

Yes the story of “the robots we built are trying to kill us” has been done to death; however R’ha puts a spin on it by placing the story on a different world with unique alternative life forms other than human beings.  The being body design of the life forms are simple but their facial and head structure kind of reminds me of an Egyptian head dress. The emotions displayed by the facial expressions and voice tone of the prisoner are convincing.  The AI robot interrogator has an arachnid feel with its multiple red eyes.

Amazingly R’ha was completed in seven months by a lone 22 year old by the name of Kaleb Lechowski.  As with many short films on the internet, R’ha is far more interesting than many big budgeted Hollywood films. Whether fortunately or unfortunately Star Wars producer Rick McCallum has decided to adapt R’ha into a full length feature film.  I hope the full length movie has depth over big budget explosions.

In the mean time, if you have 6 minutes and 27 seconds watch R’ha and feel free to share your thoughts.