Check out Episode #2 of the web series called, “Ken” which is described as one that examines Faith and Sexuality. The attractive cast features both men and women and has crispy sound and visuals. We also see the rare introduction of a Bi-Sexual character.

When we posted the FIRST EPISODE it drew over 60 comments! So you bet we’re anxious to see what you guys have to say about this episode.

I make it a rule to not do full review/recaps on shows with less that three episodes. Anything under that is basically just a short film. Especially when you consider how many Web Series creators give up after only one episode.

If they release a third joint, I many throw my two cents into the pot. I will say that I wish the acting of the leads were better. But if the story if good, I can always give that a pass.

For some reason, this episode isn’t available in HD but it still looks decent enough. Here you go: