WATCH SHORT FILM: Seith Mann’s Five Deep Breaths 

By Nick Delmacy | Posted May 29 2013 | 5 Comments  

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This year marks the Tenth Anniversary of one of my favorite short films, Five Deep Breaths. In just 20 minutes, this film tells a complete yet complex tale of Manhood, Masculinity, Responsibility and Revenge. Written and Directed by Seith Mann as his student Master’s Thesis Film at New York University, its not a wonder why this short launched a successful career for the filmmaker.You may not know Seith Mann’s name but you’ve likely seen his work. Since this film was released in 2003, he’s directed at least one episode of at least one of your favorite television shows: The Wire, Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, Sons of Anarchy, Entourage, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Fringe, Dexter, House of Lies, The Walking Dead and many more.This film also marked the debut of a young actor named Jamie Hector, who would go on to land his most memorable role as Marlo Stanfield on The Wire.
The acting, writing, producing and directing throughout this film are impressive, especially considering that Five Deep Breaths was made with very little money or resources. This short serves not only as entertainment, but also as an example of the high bar quality of work we should all hope to reach. It also demonstrates that excuses are excuses, no matter how you pretty them up with encouragement.It may seem like I’m overly critical of the work of creative people here at Cypher Avenue, but that’s only because I’ve been exposed to a lot of really great works by others with fewer resources. This high criticism even applies to my own work and contributions to this website as well. We need to push each other, not coddle. If there are any filmmakers, musicians, writers, actors or artists out there who are thin-skinned and discouraged by mere words, you’re in the wrong fucking business.Your “Gay House Mothers” can pat you on the back and give you false accolades, but I will continue to be the “Big Brother” of the black gay community, putting a foot up your ass whenever you don’t bring your A-game to the arena. Believe me when I say I expect the same in return. Now stop crying and watch a fucking amazing short film!

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  1. TheDarkness | July 24th, 2013

    Now THAT was INTENSE! I think I’m going to have to marinate on this one for a minute or two before I comment, Nick. My head’s kinda spinning right now. But great share! Jaime Hector is no joke! He’s a great actor in pretty much everything he does.

  2. Craig | July 24th, 2013

    Very raw and intense……leaves you asking more questions than it actually answers

  3. brotha2thanite | July 24th, 2013

    Great Short!!! Even if I hadn’t read it in the introduction I would have guessed that it was fiilm school project .Shorts created in the context of elite film schools generally as a group seem more accomplished in visual tone than non film school shorts because film school provide a film history education that support a wider range of visual references/vocabulary that in turn contribute to purposeful impactful shot selection and framing. From watching this short I would wager that some European films, especially post WW2 Italian neo-realism was a part of the filmmaker’s visual learning diet. Exposure to a wide array of cinematic visuals is probably the best reason for a formal film education. The lesson gleaned from this exemplar short film for those of us with aspirations to make quality short films or web series and are not able to go to a top tier film school , is the importance of a conscious visual self education to enhance the visuals we create.

  4. Anthony Davis | July 24th, 2013

    The first time that I tried watching this movie I fell asleep because I was tired.I came back the second time to watch it and I am glad that I did.It was a deeply intense movie that packed a serious punch in being a short.I probably have more questions than what I have answers because I’m not certain if I still know what this movie was really about.I agreed that it was very well put together but the only question that I still have is what was it really all about,

  5. Ocky | July 24th, 2013

    This was excellent and proves the point that story & acting can trump limited resources!

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