WATCH: Trailer for “MARZ,” Upcoming Hip-Hop Version of “Moonlight”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Mar 30 2018 | 9 Comments  

Directed by five-time Emmy Award winner, Bobby Yan, this short film “MARZ” tells the story of childhood friends exploring their sexuality and dealing with the fallout of emotion and confusion. The film is not necessarily inspired by “la La Land”…uh sorry, we mean “Moonlight,” however its striking cinematography and familiar themes definitely give us that vibe.

The film stars a personal favorite of mine, Jade Yorker (Gridiron Gang), a very handsome and underrated actor that hasn’t had the career his talents deserve.

Looks like we missed the screening and panel discussion held in Atlanta back in February, so if anyone has seen the film, please share your opinion.

My fear is that the short film dwells in melodrama and stereotypes of “down low” men. This is often what we see when filmmakers explore homosexuality in the realm of Hip Hop music.


A childhood friendship is put to the test after a life changing encounter stirs up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that neither are equipped to answer.


Chris Mars, an aspiring rapper poised for success, appears to have it all – a hot track on the streets, a beautiful girlfriend, and most importantly, the loyalty and camaraderie of his longtime childhood buddy, Mel, a tough street gangster type with a not so clean past. Losing his father at a young age, Mel, three years his senior, serves as a surrogate brother and father figure to Chris. It’s a bond that could never be broken, or at least not until one fateful night that changes Chris’s life forever.


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