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Nearly two years ago us brand new bloggers, Nicholas Delmacy and Octavius Williams, started a small site called Discreet City. In a short amount of time it grew from a site only 20 people knew about to one of the most popular (and controversial) websites targeted towards gay/bisexual men of color. It was a huge learning experience, to say the least. We realized that there was a segment of the population that wasn’t being represented or spoken to. Oddly enough, we learned that this underrepresented group of people wasn’t limited to gay or straight, masculine or feminine, Black or White…There was a large community yearning for something different, yet something very familiar.

It was strange that here in the year 2013, we live in a world where we have a black American president who hangs out with Jay-Z…where we have gay/bisexual men of color playing in professional sports…where 10’s of millions of people of all flock to the latest action, scifi, fantasy and horror movies and television shows religiously…where popular musicians connected to the homophobic world of Hip Hop are just as popular and influential as their hetero counterparts…Given all of that awesomeness, there still were few hubs that encapsulated all of that modern urban craziness into one place. The problem was, our ideas for the future of the website grew too big for the limited cage that was Discreet City.

Enter Cypher Avenue.

We represent that segment of people previously unspoken for. We rep for the nerds, we rep for the goons, we rep for the gamers, we rep for the hipsters, we rep for the selective consumers, we rep for the counter-culture, we rep for the freethinkers, we rep urban men of all colors, shapes, ages and sexualities…but most importantly, we rep the masses of people stubbornly refusing to accept the stereotypes placed on them by others for their own agendas.

Cypher Avenue highlights a wide array of issues, topics, discussions, products, media and current events from the most unexpected angles. Believe it or not, our views are probably already your own…we just managed to articulate the shit out of it for you. I promise there is no other website like this on the Interwebs.

Above all, we hope to create a community of like-minded people down to engage in our “Cyphers,” the discussions seen in the comments section of the articles posted. We welcome civil discourse where people can feel free to disagree without being disagreeable. A place without excessive bickering or name-calling, just interesting (and heated) conversations. To better make that happen, we decided to allow people to create user profiles of their own where they can upload photo avatars that represent themselves as well as send private messages to us and to each other if they desire (or not, depending on their own settings) all without leaving Cypher Avenue! Check out the Blue Bar at the top of this page and you’ll see some of the dope options that come with joining the website.

Also, we created a Cypher Avenue TV page where we’ll compile all of the short films, web series, music videos and randomness that we’ve seen and loved on the Internet. All in one location!

As time goes on, the site will grow and expand and add even more options and features. There may be some kinks here and there so we apologize in advance as we smooth out the edges. We’d love to hear what you think of Cypher Avenue so far so hurry up, create a profile and leave a comment in the area below.

Again, thanks for checking out Cypher Avenue. Welcome to the Cypher.