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By Nick Delmacy | Posted Sep 14 2015 | 11 Comments  

Chasing Pavement (2015) - Trailer

Gay adult film stars, Remy Mars and Antonio Biaggi, become actors with their clothes on in this upcoming feature film, Chasing Pavement. Written and directed by newcomer Matthew Doyle, the film delves into the complicated personal life of an adult entertainer looking for a way out.

Although the film looks very well-produced, the dialogue and acting itself appears very lifeless and stilted.

Also, I’ll play the role of Meek Mill here and call out writer/director Matthew Doyle for using Lamont Pierre (creator of Freefall) as his ghostwriter and ghost director. If Pierre didn’t actually have anything to do with this film, his influence on Doyle is definitely clear as day. Maybe they both subscribe to the same indie arthouse Netflix film queue.

Official Synopsis via Facebook:

Chasing Pavement stars Remy Mars as Elijah Young, an ‘urban’ porn star who is preparing to leave the adult entertainment industry and start a new career as a chef. His new roommate, Takeshi, played by Tokio Sasaki, is a Japanese immigrant who is looking for a new start in the information technology field. Takeshi, who feels completely invisible in the United States, becomes obsessed with his extremely visible flatmate. Takeshi’s obsession culminates in a violation of boundaries that brings the two together for a moment of intimacy that neither will soon forget. The movie also stars Antonio Biaggi as Bryson Colon, a man with a troubled past who frequently hires Elijah as an escort, but wants much more.

Chasing Pavement (2015) - Trailer-1

Chasing Pavement (2015) - Trailer-2

Chasing Pavement (2015) - Trailer-4





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  1. hannibal
    Hannibal | September 14th, 2015

    I cant play any video where I am…but the stills look awful.

  2. Omega Level
    At a Premium | September 14th, 2015

    Interesting cast choice. I can appreciate all the gay web series content on youtube and such. Sometimes even the horribly performed acting and bad strip shows are fun to watch IMO. A guilty pleasure that you would watch as a comedy sitcom because of how horrible it is and never tell a soul you watch that ish. (just look at TRIANGLE)

    This one, the subject seems more intriguing than the actual performances. I think Antonio is hard to listen to, because of his accent. And not to be an ass, well just a bit, Remy is hard to look at! Wassup with that mug man? He look like he pushing around 50ish. That's a hard life homeboy.

    Nah, in all seriousness thanks for sharing Nick. It deserves checking out to at least support the community.

  3. Aejae
    Aejae | September 14th, 2015

    Ok I think I can get into the movie. I really liked the fact that I see Remy and Antonio as ACTORS because they really did their job, and I like that. I'll watch it!

  4. African King
    African King | September 14th, 2015

    Not the best actors but it is shot well. Antonio lookin fine on there though low-key lol. Let's see what the future holds for this film. I would like to see that other film Cypher Avenue posted about a while back called Naz & Maalik though.

  5. jpo
    jpo | September 14th, 2015

    Interesting to see Remy for the first time – I mean really see him. In his porn roles he's a cipher(pardon the pun). He is interchangeable with so many other porn performers. In the screen shot where his head is turned down and he is holding the coffee mug, you see a person, a person who, as Omega Level commented, is hard to look at. But isn't that the point. Okay, so he is acting here, but he is acting as a person who is experiencing something other than a hookup. The trailer made me want to see the whole deal.
    Thanks for putting it up and starting the discussion.

  6. sauce126
    sauce126 | September 14th, 2015

    The trailer intrigued me enough. I agree with Omega Level, I would watch but not tell anyone that I watched it.

  7. OhSheit
    OhSheit | September 15th, 2015

    :what: Um, well the cast is multicultural so that's a plus I guess.

  8. SB3 | September 15th, 2015


    Biaggi is nice to look at, as usual…

  9. TheEdge
    Chi' | September 15th, 2015

    I have seen a lot of gay short films in the past two months. Most of them have been deep and emotional. I am now looking for something witty and funny from black actors. So i wont be seeing this one

  10. @DreG | September 15th, 2015


    Biaggi is nice to look at, as usual…

    That accent is another plus.But not enough of one for me to watch this movie.

  11. Cyrus-Brooks
    The Black Vulcan | September 23rd, 2015

    I can't even watch Remy Mars in porn. I don't find him sexually attractive at all. If there's a porn with him in it I hit the X or the back button. Even though Remy isn't the best actor, oddly enough I actually see him as a sympathetic figure in this. I think JPO makes a good point. He seems more like a real person in this unlike his porn work where he's just seems disposable.

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