A 10-minute trailer for a new independent TV series hoping to get picked up by networks has started making the rounds on the Internet since its debut earlier this month. The series “Skin Deep” created by Caucasian Atlanta filmmaker David Summers follows the lives of six males characters, three black and three white. Their lives intersect in various ways throughout the city of Atlanta as they experience life-altering struggles pertaining to race, culture and sexuality in the gay community.

The show is described as a “Queer as Folk” meets “Noah’s Arc” meets “Crash” taken to a new and vibrant level. After watching the pilot (embedded below) I can see the “Crash” reference but in all honesty, it is far from being as fun and fast-paced as “Queer As Folk” and “Noah’s Arc.”

More importantly though, NONE of the characters fit into the typical Gay stereotypes you would expect. All of these men are portrayed as “regular” men who happen to be Gay. This aspect alone makes it worth the 10-mintue viewing.

I’ll give it to Summers for his tenacity. Even though his $16,500 Kickstarter Campaign failed to reach its goal he still managed to get a solid production team together to accomplish this pilot project. The filmmaker also selected a very attractive cast, essential for any Gay film or television series. “Skin Deep” actors Des Epps, KC Morgan, Denerick Lindsey, Isaiah A. Green and Max Gukhman are a feast for the eyes and do an adequate job with their limited roles.

Whether a major network will actually pick up the project remains to be seen, but it’s clear that David Summers is determined to tell new and unique stories about the Gay community by any means necessary. He gets props from us for that.



– Nick D