Documentary “The Butch Factor”



“I didn’t act the way people that were called gay act, so I would question sometimes if I was gay”

Let me first say I am not one who is easily impressed with the collection of gay films and documentaries that are currently available.  That being said; I enjoyed this documentary.This was the first time I had ever seen masculine gay men in film discuss this subject matter that personally spoke to me…it really struck a cord.

In my late teens and early 20’s, a lot of times I felt both isolated and trapped by gay culture because it was not relatable to whom I was as a person.  It always felt odd to feel like a minority in a minority…meaning a masculine homosexual man that didn’t feel comfortable in typical homosexual settings or culture.  It was such a breath of fresh air and very comforting to find out later in life that there are so many men out there like myself who felt the exact same way.

This film lets you know you are not the only one with these feelings.


Picture “The Butch Factor” was made by film maker Christopher Hines.  There are multiple interviews from masculine homosexual men providing insight into their ideas of masculinity and sharing their personal stories.  The film looks at how these men view and embrace femininity along with discussing homophobia and metro-sexuality.  I like how certain segments of the “The Butch Factor “shows men being men…doing man stuff in their everyday lives.Film maker Christopher Hines says…“I wanted to make a film that examines the gay male ideas and stereotypes associated with being “butch” or “femme”, I wanted to explore the idea of masculinity.  It’s a heated topic and I hadn’t seen much like this around.”

He picked interviewees he felt ran the gamut from traditional masculine types to non-traditional types about issues such as homophobia and their own definition of how they fit into the gay spectrum.

The film also examines the evolution of gay images from the clone culture of the 70’s to today’s masculine images of gym heads, muscle men and bears.

This film in its own way provided inspiration for me to want to offer a voice for us…the masculine gay man.  I definitely recommend you view this film for its candid interviews and thought provoking commentaries.

Below is a trailer for “The Butch Factor” but the film can be view online at logo here and is available for rent at Blockbuster online and Netflix.


– Octavius