Test screeners are speaking out stating how horrible the Dark Phoenix is after multiple re-shoots. Directed by Simon Kinberg (more on him below), the Dark Phoenix was supposed to premier November 2018. It was then pushed back to February 2019 and has finally been pushed back to June 2019.

Some rumors speculate that one of the film’s more ‘serious’ scenes was laughed at by viewers. The serious scene was the death of a main character earlier on in the film’s first half. Others gave spoilers for the film while stating how bad the plot was in addition to how similar it was to Last Stand. I’m sure we can expect more of the same when it comes to the dance between Xavier and Magneto as well.

Here is what a couple of viewers had to say:

Over a year ago I stated in my post X-Men Film Franchise Gets a D Grade,

“I don’t think Dark Phoenix will be a good film because just as in Apocalypse, it will be poorly written like many of Kinberg’s previous works and other X-Men films. Just look at some of Simon Kinberg’s co-writing credits.

* Fantastic Four
*X-Men: The Last Stand 
*X-Men: Days of Future Past
*X-Men: Apocalypse 
*Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Dark Phoenix will be Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut mind you. So I’m trusting my instincts and preparing myself for disappointment in hopes that I might be mildly entertained.”

Seems like some viewers have confirmed my suspicions.