I recently watched American Horror Story’s season six premiere “Roanoke” and I must say I enjoyed it. Even though I actually hate the show after season two, I do like the idea of the show paying homage to and mimicking the popularity of reality paranormal shows that currently litter cable TV.

One of my favorites that the premiere reminded me of was Paranormal Witness that currently airs on the Syfy Channel. Another one of my older favorites is called A Haunting and My Haunted House.

The new season of AHS along with these reality paranormal shows relay on a documentary style format setting. They interview the actual victims or witnesses, while actors reenact the dramatization of the incidents experienced. This format is what made shows like Paranormal Witness such a hit for the Syfy Channel. What’s interesting about AHS season 6 is that the production comes off as a mirror copy of the aforementioned reality show.

What I like about Paranormal Witness is that each episode is concluded within an hour. Some of the episodes are really good (they are tied to actual documented events) and some are really bad, but you’re guaranteed a new story each episode. This isn’t the case with AHS, which to me may be its failure.

The whole season of AHS will focus on one couple (Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr) and his ex-cop sister (Angela Basset) and the large house they moved into after outbidding local redneck yokels.

Even though I like premise of the first episode, I could easily see this getting bogged down with typical AHS mess and going to complete shit like all the other seasons of AHS beyond season two.

Just like with the Minotaur and the Clown in previous seasons, this season has a monster by way of a Pig Man. I couldn’t help but laugh as it reminded me of man-bear-pig from South Park.


So I’ll do just like I did with the previous seasons; wait until the season is almost over and binge watch the next three episodes to confirm my suspicions.

It’s not my fault I’ve lost all faith in the creators’ plots that has made the show unwatchable in the past. Nonetheless, I do hope the show proves me wrong.