The infamous CYPHER AVENUE LIST returns with a little inspiration from Frank Ocean. Ever since he came Out (or whatever the fuck that was), I’ve learned two things:

1.)  If people already like you (or your art), finding out that a Masculine Man is Gay/Bisexual is not as life destroying and career ending as it once was perceived to be…Frank Ocean’s album debuted on the #2 Billboard 200 spot with no signs of diminished sales and his Twitter follow count sky-rocketed to over a million. Being masculine and Gay seems to not be that big of a deal anymore.2.)  Once they find out a guy is Gay, most black homosexuals will claim to have known the whole time. Our Discreet City timeline was full of tweets exclaiming that it was obvious Frank Ocean was Gay since he had supposedly been dropping subtle hints since the beginning of his career. Yes, they actually said this. “Hindsight Gaydar” is what I call it.

This apparent shift in mainstream society’s acceptance of Masculine Gay/Bisexual Men coupled with the inherent homosexual ability for “Hindsight Gaydar” made me realize that there are more “Frank Oceans” in the world and this website is the only place to provide you with the tools to find them. Even Frank Ocean himself admitted that at 14-years-old he wished there were more Out men to be examples for him to see.This isn’t about outing Down Low men who are simultaneously dating women…We’ll leave that for Oprah and the bitter black women blogs. This is about taking the red pill to reveal the Matrix for what it really is: A world where being Straight or Gay is not as simple as black & white. You’re not alone. If one in ten men & women are Gay/Bisexual, its statistically impossible for you to be the only one in your camp that is attracted to the same sex.

So if you’re a discreet Gay/Bisexual man out there looking for a date, looking for a fellow discreet masculine SGL friend or just looking for an indication that you’re not alone in your immediate circle as a SGL Masculine Man…Here are the top 10 ways to tell if that cool, attractive Facebook friend that you cyber-stalk regularly is actually a fellow discreet Masculine Gay/Bisexual man as well.

Let the Gay witch-hunt begin, Joe McCarthy style!

Yes…If there is a straight man suddenly showing a lot of love for Frank Ocean in your news feed, chances are he loves the cock too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all male Frank Ocean fans are gay…I’m just saying that if he’s a new super-fan, chances are that he is at least Bisexual. Excessive posts about the music, his courage or bravery is Gay. Plain and Simple.As I’ve stated before, once he came Out, Frank Ocean was christened the most important Gay black man in the world by homos of all shapes, sizes, ages and levels or Outness. He still to this day hasn’t even said the words but that doesn’t matter. What also doesn’t matter is the perfect timing of events to skyrocket his album Channel Orange to the #2 Billboard 200 spot upon its release.

No…what matters is Frank Ocean is supposedly both brilliant & courageous (especially now that we know he’s Gay).

This is a good one…The “Interested In” section on a person’s profile is where people state if they’re attracted to men, women or both. Many would have you believe that they just haven’t bothered filling out their entire profile, which leaves the “Interested In” section blank. Others would have you believe they hide this option because they use Facebook for networking, not dating.But most do this to avoid being hypocrites and outright lying on their profiles. Remember, we’re talking about discreet men who just don’t want to put their sexual business all out there…not the deceivers pretending to be straight to deflect suspicion. The deceivers are the guys who put that they’re interested in Pussy-Pussy Galore even though you NEVER actually see them “In a Relationship” with ANY women.

All gay/bisexual men are narcissistic and superficial. This is a fact. We’ve discussed this previously on Discreet City and seeing it on Facebook drives this point home like none other. If you see a guy posting numerous shirtless pics taken in bathroom and bedroom mirrors, it means that he spends a lot of time looking at his own male body…and he likes what he sees.You better believe that the photo eventually posted online was NOT the first and only one taken. He spent a good ten minutes and multiple shots getting the right angle and lighting so that his pecs, arms and abs look the best. Heterosexual men can be vain as well, but its been my experience that only men who like men go to these extremes.

Remember, professional photoshoot proofs posted by male models are not what we’re talking about…we’re speaking on the camera-phone “hey look at me!” pics taken with the help of large household mirrors. And If he’s taking and posting shirtless photos of himself in gym locker rooms, you can confidently consider him a Discreet Homosexual. He’s one step away from posting amateur porn jerk-off videos on XTube.

Straight men having an openly Gay friend or two, while not common, is not really a big deal. But just like a lot of white people don’t have a “black best friend”, most straight dudes don’t have a lot of Gay friends to be taking Facebook photos with…unless they are gay/Bisexual themselves.Now that many openly Gay people are breaking the unspoken rule of taking photos at Gay house parties and clubs, discreet “straight” men are being tagged in photos while surrounded by Out Homosexuals on an increasingly consistent basis. So if you see your Facebook friend in a lot of photos with men you KNOW are are gay, chances are that he likes the cock as well.

There was a “straight” guy on Facebook that I had a feeling was gay for two years…eventually I went through his old photo albums and saw photo after photo with him and men I’d seen at Gay clubs. There were the Mexican restaurant photos with the giant margarita glasses…there were the photos with the group of male friends from out of town coincidentally here during Pride weekend…there there were the photos from the all-male trip to Jamaica. Six months later he annouced that he was “In A Relationship” with a another guy on Facebook. I had my confirmation. My Hindsight Gaydar had worked.

If it looks like duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…chances are that its a Discreet Gay Man.