Many of our readers are very interested in what goes on in the mind of Tops and/or Versatile men who lean on the more Dominant side of the gay spectrum.

For the first time ever, Cypher Avenue holds a roundtable conversation with a small sample of TOP men to find out what they want and what they think.

A no-holds-barred conversation with the fellas.

  • What do they look for when dating?

  • What kind of men do they go after?

  • How do they find guys to date?

  • Are Tops or Dominate men turned off by Aggressive Bottoms?

  • What are their interests outside of ‘being gay?’

  • Do they feel comfortable in Mainstream Gay Culture?

  • Have they ever tried Bottoming?

Blah, Blah, Blah…

A never-before-heard frank and honest conversation with confident men who like to take control.

This is not about Hyper-Masculinity.

This is not about being Hard.

This is not about Bottom Shaming.

This is about finally hearing the POV of dominant gay men who confidently go after men that they want and have no reservations when it comes to taking the lead.

Coming exclusively to Cypher Avenue on February 02, 2015!