You know, a brutha tries to keep up with certain things regarding sexuality but there is only so much one can learn about everything that happens in this country, let alone the world! Certain social events, such as PRIDE-this or PRIDE-that need better promotion – that is, if the purpose of such events is to get better support, awareness and education among the masses. For example, I would have been happy to inform everyone I knew that September 23 was Bisexual Pride Day or officially Celebrate Bisexuality Day, (among other names of this day I won’t bother to mention). I never saw a thing or promo in social media leading up to this day! It makes me wonder how many other people didn’t know. I’m not saying there were no announcements or promos; I just never saw anything. I cannot have been the only one!

Check it; if such calendar events that are supposed to draw the attention of society are going to occur with the intent being to get people to support and talk about it, then PUH-LEASE… somebody needs to do a better job in getting the word out! Otherwise, it’s like someone whispering to a few folks that he’s gonna have a huge party somewhere then have some silly ass high expectation that the entire town will show up for it, only to be disappointed. Apparently no one told the bisexuals whom I know on Facebook or those on other social sources that I frequent about Bisexual Pride Day. I would have seen some buzz! Yeah…that fuckin’ day went by like a light breeze – barely noticeable! (sigh) What a major FAIL by those who are supposed to be the [outspoken] or established activists of the LGBT or stand-alone bisexual community.

Well, I guess it’s up to me to do what I do best: TEACH and INFORM! So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you four great tidbits of information;

1. The colors of the Bisexual Flag


 2. A link to my famed blog article about bisexuality, Does Bisexuality Exist? (Written/published October 2012)

3. President Barack Obama met with members from the bisexual community to discuss issues and concerns regarding bisexual people at the White House.  You may not have heard about it on the news because it was a “closed session” but you can learn more about the meeting here.

4. If you are considering “coming out” as bisexual, I would recommend viewing How to Come Out as Bisexual.  It’s a very entertaining read.

Speaking of entertaining reads, most readers know that my sexuality has never been open for discussion on my blog. There were reasons for that. However,  after some intense soul-searching and knowing in my heart that 2013 would be the year of certain personal revelations and, considering how much I enjoy talking/writing about sexuality on my blog and on Facebook, I think most readers already know or have likely suspected, There’s something not quite straight about RobFather-X.”  And… they would be right; I’m not quite straight…LOL. So there it is. Not really “coming out” but simply an affirmation of what many readers of my blog already knew or suspected: I am bisexual. I am also the very same kool muthafucka you’ve always known: yesterday, today and in the future! Deal with it!  

Now, as some of you also know, I don’t believe in labels or making one’s sexual orientation a big deal, therefore I ask – and would greatly appreciatethat none of you make this “revelation” a big deal either. Kool?  Thanks.  With that said, I feel the need to also say the following:

  • Fuck it… if you seem “upset” or “surprised”, for your reaction to this non-issue should have no bearing on who I am now or was before.
  • Fuck it…if you feel I’ve “lied” to you. The fact is I didn’t lie to you. And I don’t subscribe to that weak, age-old bullshit guilt-trip line people like to call a “lie by omission”. Fuck that…especially if you’ve never once asked but instead did what so many other people tend to do: assume everyone is heterosexual or straight until they tell you or you happen to witness otherwise. Also, consider the fact that I must have had several reasons which I thought were valid (to me) for not disclosing my sexuality. One of those reasons is that I have always been – and am – private and discreet about my sexuality. I simply see no reason to broadcast it. Outside of this blog, I shall continue to conduct myself in that manner.
    and finally…
  • Fuck anyone…. who is offended or bothered by my sexuality.  That’s more your problem than it will ever be mine.

From one proud bisexual to others reading, Happy belated Bisexual Pride Day! Let’s hope next September 23 the media memo about this equally important Pride event gets wider dissemination.