Atlanta – Season 2 Coming March 1st 2018

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One of my favorite shows from the last couple of years is set to drop its second season on FX titled ‘Robbin’ Season’.

The award winning Atlanta will return on March 1st 2018 and the show recently released a hypnotic trailer featuring music from trio Sonder. We see the stars in different environments showing brief snippets of their life in Atlanta.

The executive producer (who is also Glover’s brother- Stephen) stated the title ‘Robbin’ Season’ refers to a time near Christmas when people are flush with gifts and money or are looking for them. “It’s basically a bunch of crime. People have money and people need money. You might get your package stolen off your front porch. It’s a very intense and desperate time. We wanted to make that a backdrop to the season. We wanted to make a transition from their old lives to where they’re heading now.”

One can assume this means the crew has ‘made it’ and we’re perhaps now following their plight within stardom. Notice how Paper Boi’s chain is snatched at the end of the trailer. This is considered a disrespectful challenge to manhood in the Black community. We can reference the episode of another hit television series Black-ish where Junior get his chain snatched at school, proceeds to whip ass and gets expelled.

Check out the dope ass trailer below in addition to Sonder’s ‘To Fast’. 






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