I should have known the latest animated Justice League movie from Warner Brothers was going to be a unique one when part of the opening dialog from a villain during a battle sequence was “you’re the bottom and I’m the top”.  Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
in my opinion is one of the best Justice League animated films to come out yet.   Its PG-13 rating is accurate and I stress, this movie is not for kids.  Be warned: this is a grown up, dark, violent, blood filled Justice League and I loved it.

When the Flash awakens and gets ready to start his day, he can since something is different.  In this “current” world, his mother is alive and his is gay. Something has caused ripples in the time stream and in turn has created an alternate reality.  In this different reality the kingdom of Themiscyra led by its queen Wonder Woman is in a fierce bloody battle with the kingdom of Atlantis, led by its king Aquaman.  Their war has already destroyed Europe, the United States is concerned that the battle will eventually reach North America.  President Obama entrusts America’s best soldier Cyborg to seek the expertise of Batman (The Dark Knight) to come up with a strategy to end the war.  The Flash, Cyborg and Batman must work together to end the war and correct the time stream.

Flashpoint has an extremely diverse cast.  Not just with its main cast but also with its supporting cast.  There is a long list of superpower characters and surprisingly many die throughout the film. Flashpoint has some pretty intense violent action sequences.   Just think this Batman is really The Dark Knight and I had plenty of “OH SHIT” moments when viewing.  In typical DC/Warner Brothers fashion the voice acting and animation is top notch; however the anime style of animation may be off putting for some.

With its adult themes, (adultery, jealously, government secrets, etc.) DC/Warner Brothers set out to make an animated movie for grown-ups.  I must admit, I was not as entertained as with watching Superman/Batman: Apocalypse(the best).  I do feel that the animation in that film was better.  Also the ending to Flashpoint is kind of lack luster but the ride was still exciting and very entertaining.   It makes me wonder could this be a test run for a Flash live action movie.  This is a must see for any DC Justice League fans and I highly recommend it! 

Check out the pics below and also the fight scene clip between Yo-Yo and Batman (the real Dark Knight…lol).







Cypher Avenue Rating: 3.5 of 5