Okay I know I am going to put myself behind the 8 BALL with this but I feel like I’m just out of date or just out of touch with dudes rocking these pocket book style / purse looking bags.  I have never been one to follow trends or the “latest fashion” craze and this is one of them.  I surely thought this one would fade but it seems like I couldn’t have been more wrong.

No we are not talking about a laptop carrier bag but a full-fledged purse.  I would much whether rock a Fanny Pack than carry a man purse.  Yes I feel that strongly about this. Believe me when I say, if you are a man that feels he can pull off sporting an over sized bag with ease…by all means do you.  I’m just saying, everything is not for everybody and I just can’t see myself carrying a purse.  Come up with any metrosexual term you want but these are purses that just happen to be worn by men.

Am I non-trendy, uncool, less hip and un-stylish? I guess if male celebs carry them than its okay right?  I just can’t imagine myself saying to one of my home boys, “Yo that is a nice murse, where did you get it from? How much did it set you back?” 

Since when do we as men have so much shit that it can’t fit in our wallets and pockets?  Check out the Murse styles below.  Which ones would you rock?