Btmn Vs Drth VaderAfter dragging my feet to post and discuss this bad ass battle between Batman and Darth Vader, a subsequent alternate ending has appeared making the first ending to the battle obsolete. Whistle blows, flag on the play! Not to spoil anything (like my moms did with the last episode of LOST) but for me the original battle’s outcome (view below) was totally believable and what I would’ve expected.

Pump your brakes says the internet. Batman fan-boys (yes I’m anti-Batman fan-boys, but not anti-Batman) will have you believe that Batman is the best at everything; you know because even though Batman is not super human, he’s super human compared to every other being in the Universe. So when Batman is up against The FORCE — which is basically the very embodiment of the living energy within the Universe — then somehow he is better, smarter and stronger than a being who can wield the living energy (albeit dark) of the Universe? Nonetheless, because die hard Batman fan-boys cried foul NOW we have to get an alternate ending. Check it out.

No…NO, NO, Stop It!     bad dog

Now Superman is stronger than The FORCE or the being who is a master at wielding The FORCE? Honestly, I’m thrilled at both endings and the awesomeness that is the production value, editing, acting, etc of the short/s….but the first ending was satisfying and seemed right. The alternate ending seems to be presented as appeasement.

Share your thoughts. Should Vader’s victory stand, having snapped Bruce’s neck for having the audacity to wear body armor with abs imprints or should Bruce’s superior skills at all things known to man triumphed by inadvertently and second handedly knocking the wind out of gas-bag Darth Vader by way of Superman?

The Bat Vs Vader