All Black Gay Bottoms are Love-Obsessed, Overly-Sensitive, Diva-Worshiping, Celebrity-Gossiping, Shade-Throwing Queens who can’t have a serious conversation without making jokes about phallic shaped objects.


Or so our media would have us believe about Bottoms.

Are Black Gay Bottoms themselves to blame for this stereotyping?

Most black gay movies, web series, YouTube vlogs, and social media personalities paint a picture of Bottoms having very little depth to them besides their sexual position. I’m sure that even reading the aforementioned word “paint” in the previous sentence caused many of you to chuckle.

That’s not even touching on the equivalency with Bottoming and Femininity.

Fem Bottoms dominate the media and airspace, so its not a stretch for the average person to assume that one comes along with the other.


Like Bigfoot, the mythic “Masculine Bottom” is rarely seen in the wild…only heard about in tales told by Old Timer Gays about the days of yore. According to legend, the last of the Masculine Bottoms were phased out in The Great Purge of 2003 when Beyonce’s first solo album, “Dangerously In Love,” was released.


Its time to begin breaking these stereotypes of Black Gay Bottoms.

That’s right, it’s time for another Cypher Avenue Roundtable!

Our last Roundtable event featured 4 Black Gay Tops discussing their lives, dating experiences and obstacles. Many of the Bottoms who listened to this Podcast reacted the same way. The collective Eye Roll could be heard across the world.

If you search online, most discussions about Black Gay Bottoms are limited to discussing how to clean yourself before sex, dam breaking accidents during sex (gross) or about being the victims of Bottom shaming. What thoughts, obstacles, joys and interests do these men have outside of those two areas?

We believe that many of our readers are very interested in what goes on in the minds of Bottoms and/or Versatile Bottoms. Topics in our discussion will include:

  • What do they look for when dating?

  • What kind of men do they go after?

  • How do they find guys to date?

  • Do they prefer being submissive or aggressive?

  • How do they feel about the perception of Bottoms in the media?

  • Have they ever been discriminated against for being Bottoms?

  • What are their interests outside of ‘being gay?’

  • Have they ever tried Topping?

Blah, Blah, Blah…

A conversation with the fellas:


So if you’re an outspoken Bottom or Versatile Bottom gay man who’s not shy or afraid to voice your opinions, send an email with a brief reason why you should be included to with ROUNDTABLE in the subject line.

If we get a good amount of submissions. we’ll set this thing up for sometime in the coming month.

You don’t have to be a member of the site to get selected, but we definitely will be giving priority to those of you who are. If you’ve set up a profile on Cypher Avenue, include your user name (or the name used on your article comments) in the email so that we know who you are on the site.