A Buzzfeed video that’s making the rounds titled Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World, uses male models to show male standards of beauty and physical attributes from 12 different countries. According to Buzzfeed they gathered information from professional publications, entertainment, and social media to determine: how have popular culture and media shaped our views on ideal male beauty?

Looking at the video presentation one thing stuck out to me; many of the men presented are very…um…pretty.

Call me an old fashioned, patriarchal, masculine tunneled visoned, narrowed minded knuckle dragging, troglodyte but I’ve always been attracted to handsome men…not necessarily pretty or beautiful men.

In no way am I saying the men in the video are unattractive or that femininity is unattractive (it isn’t), I’m saying some were very pretty; therefore they’re unattractive to me.

Of course I don’t know any of these men personally to know who is masculine or feminine leaning and frankly who cares. I’m simply pointing out how possibly for many — with preferences like my own — prettiness in a man can equate to softness or femininity.

A question is posed at the end of the video; “What do you think makes a man beautiful?” I have told men before that I think they have a beautiful, caring spirit. Beauty in men for me is an internal attribute or characteristic. In my opinion a man’s masculinity and confidence can contribute to his overall handsomeness. Not just a classically attractive face.

What do you think makes a man beautiful? Are the male models in the video presentation in line with your standards of beauty? Have you ever called a man beautiful?