I must admit that I am not a big fan of men’s rings. A lot of time I see men with rings on and they seem kinda typical. A silver ring worn on a man’s thumb is not my thing. Neither is the traditional onyx ring worn on a man’s pinky finger. It’s not that I am opposed to wearing a ring; for the most part I don’t see that many styles that I like. I will say that I do enjoy the styles that I recently saw on Titanium Jewelry.

Titanium Jewelry has many cool and unique designs to choose from. By me being a cheap son-of-a-bastard, I did have a bit of sticker shock when I went to the site but I must say the rings are nice. In no way am I endorsing the site or their products(I have never owned or wore a ring before); however if and when my partner and I decide to tie the knot, I will come here to shop around. Titanium Jewelry has a 90 day return policy, free shipping, and secure payment options. All of which caught my eye along with their large selections. I know I may not be hip to all the latest fashion trends but I think I got a fashionable eye to know what looks good. Check out the pics below and tell me what you think.

Left to Right
LEAL Black Tungsten Ring with Black Diamond
CUTLASS Black Tungsten Carbide
MORTAR White Tungsten Carbide

Left to Right
HAMMER Titanium Band with Hammer Finish
10mm Titanium & Sterling Silver Wedding Band
Timoku & Silver Ring 10mm

Left to Right
Black Titanium & Sterling Silver 10mm Wedding Band
Black Titanium, Black Cable & Black Diamond Ring
THRASH Benchmark Cobalt Hammered Ring

Left to Right
BENCHMARK Cobalt Mens Ring
PLAIT Cobalt Chrome Ring
ORE Cobalt Chrome Ring