Labor Day is almost upon us which means that black gay men from all over the country will be headed to Atlanta to enjoy the festivities (and debauchery) of the 2014 Atlanta Black Gay Pride.

Well this year we’re in for something different.

Hair stylist and flamboyant gaylebrity Derek J has announced that he’s organizing a public debate on Masculine and Feminine men. Announced through his Instagram page along with a crown and tiara illustration, Derek J put out an open called for participants in the discussion to send in submissions.

From Derek J’s Instagram post:

A discussion that’s been long awaited!!! The debate between the masculine and feminine gay male will now happen!!!!! If you are a professional black gay male that can speak well and deliver a good debate and would like to be part of the panel please send a email with your information to Please send a pic and contact information along with do you consider yourself to be masculine or feminine.


While I doubt this discussion will be fair and balanced for any masculine men that do end up participating, I’m glad that he’s attempting to do something like this. However, part of me suspects this “Kings and Queens” debate will devolve into merely being a discussion of sex and “Tops vs Bottoms.”

As regular readers know, we’ve had many substantive discussions on the issue. We just hosted our own Roundtable Discussion full of gay men discussing the issue of masculinity and femininity in the media.

One of our main complaints over the years has been that feminine gay men seem extremely adverse to acknowledging the reality that masculine and feminine gay men are very different, despite both groups being homosexual.

Discussions like this are needed for growth, understanding and representation.

So if you’ll be in Atlanta next weekend and you’re interested in participating, send your submission to Derek J and his team before Labor Day weekend.