Don’t judge me or read too much into this. I’m just a very inquisitive dude. So I’m doing one of my favorite things to do in my spare time which is watching nature documentaries. I’m looking at this documentary about sea turtles and their mating habits. So they show the male sea turtle locked onto the female sea turtle and there is this weird looking scaly mass coming from under the male turtle’s tale area. You don’t actually see the male sea turtle’s penis; you just see this lump of scaly flesh which technically is the base of his penis. Being the weird inquisitive guy I am, I think to myself “I wonder what an actual turtle penis looks like?”

I get on the internet to do a search and my mind is blown. Not only did I see what a turtle / tortoise penis looks like, I found the below video of a tortoise having an orgasm and busting a gigantic load complete with spectator commentary. All of which made me laugh out loud.

From this point I begin to look at other videos of weird penises and sexual “habits” that take place within our amazing natural world. Check out the videos below for frivolous time wasting entertainment. Yeah, humans and animals are not that far removed from each other.

Tortoise Bust One

The Slimy Penises

The Four Headed Penis

Just For Laughs