Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has really been training hard for his upcoming film Hercules: The Thracian Wars.  Not only has he been posting set pics online but also tweeting his workouts and meal plan.  His meal plan consists of seven meals (yes 7) per day to help him pack on the muscle.  Obviously it’s working because The Rock is Swole (thick and muscular for those that don’t know gym slang).  Some controversy has started because many in the online community have accused him of being or steroids or “juicing”.

Yep you heard it. So because a man has a great physique, he must be cheating or doing something illegal to obtain his results?  Why ignore the fact that he may work out 6 days a week (twice on some days), which speeds up his metabolism, eat properly to feed his muscle growth and has rock solid supplementation?  No, that can’t be the reason he looks fantastic.

What many fail to realize is even if a man is taking steroids he still has to work out to achieve a ripped body like The Rock.  You can’t just take steroids set out the couch all day, eat like a pig and get chiseled muscles and a six pack.  You still have to work hard and have proper nutrition.  A “steroid” just speeds up the process.

When it comes to men in the US, over 30% of men 20 years old and older are obese.  We are not talking about the men who are chubby, husky or fat…but plain old OBESE.  I do believe some of the “controversy” surrounding Mr. Johnson’s pics, come from those who are envious, out of shape, or lazy. Speaking from experience, attempting to get in shape is a difficult process; more so for some than others. This is a topic we have touched on before here at Cypher Avenue.

I think Bruce Willis shed some light on the subject. “I hate working out. I work out for films solely. I associate working out with films. As soon as they stop, I stop working out.”  While this isn’t a super mindset to have, it shows that if you have a goal in mind when training (preparing for a movie role, looking chiseled, losing weight) you can achieve it, even if you dislike exercising”, Willis said.

The Rock has been working out almost his entire life.  Look at the picture below when he was 15.


The Rock has played professional sports before becoming a professional wrestler and an actor.  Even though he obviously enjoys working out, he has to do it to maintain the action hero career he has established.  It’s a major part of his life.  Maybe if more of us men had the motivation and discipline of The Rock, we could put a major dent in the $147 billion dollars in obesity medical cost that is spent in the US each year.

Hercules: The Thracian Wars is set to be released in 2014 and will be directed by Brett Ratner.





The Meal Plan.