It’s a strange feeling to one day suddenly see a person all grown up and realize that they’re now attractive adults. For many people, its seems as if the very day they turn 21-years-old an “Open For Business” sign starts flashing and we notice them (in that way) for the very first time.Here’s my list of the Top 15 Male Actors of Color who are now all grown up and very attractive dudes. This kind of list is by no means original, so to not rehash the same names from all the other websites (Malcolm Jamal Warner, Darius McCrary, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Raven Symone, etc), I limited this to only male actors that started no earlier than the 90’s.This list is very subjective, so feel free to agree, disagree or add any names I missed in the comments section.

15. Bryton James


Then: Family Matters
Now: Young and the Restless, Vampire Diaries
Age: 25
If you watched television in the 90’s then it’s guaranteed that you saw at least a handful of episodes of “Family Matters.” While everyone remembers Jaleel White as Steve Urkel and Darius McCrary as Eddie Winslow, actor Bryton James as Little Richie Chambers always slips through the cracks.

He’s now an attractive young man with recurring roles on “The Young and the Restless” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

14. Percy Daggs IIIPicture

Then: Veronica Mars
Now: Southland, Robert Townsend’s In The Hive
Age: 29

Not too much younger than myself, I first noticed an 18-year-old Percy Daggs III back in 2001 in the Allen Payne indie urban crime film “Blue Hill Avenue.” He held his own in the film and I thought that he might have a bright future. Turns out that I was right as he went on to put in 3 seasons on the successful CW show “Veronica Mars.”

He’s currently back to being handsome in indie films like “In The Hive”, a new drama directed by Robert Townsend.

13. Michael B. JordanPicture

Then: The Wire
Now: Friday Night Lights, Red Tails
Age: 24

Michael B. Jordan has had the privilege of getting his first big break on probably one of the greatest shows ever made, “The Wire.” His role was short-lived but it lead to sweet long-term gigs on “All My Children” and “Friday Night Lights.” I don’t watch those shows so imagine my surprise when I saw him recently in the trailer for George Lucas’ “Red Tails” looking impressively “grown and sexy.”

12. Corbin BleuPicture

Then: High School Musical, Flight 29 Down
Now: Nurse 3D, The Beautiful Life
Age: 22

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, there was a phenomenon known as “High School Musical” that swept the nation, inspiring shows like “Glee.” Singer/Actor Corbin Blue was a cast member of that Disney Channel hit but that wasn’t his big break. At only 15 years old he started out the popular Discovery Kids series, “Flight 29 Down.”

He’s now shed his moppy kid hairstyle and has matured into very attractive adult. His step into manhood has also lead to more adult roles like those in the CW series, “The Beautiful Life” and the upcoming, erotic horror film, “Nurse 3D.”

11. Rob BrownPicture

Then: Finding Forrester
Now: Treme
Age: 27

Whenever I see handsome actor Rob Brown I think of Sean Connery shouting the words: “You’re the man now, Dog!” That classic line came from Rob’s first film, “Finding Forrester.” As the story goes, Rob was only 16-years-old with zero acting experience and tried out to be an extra in the film for the easy money. Little did he know he’d be offered the lead role, launching a career.

He’s currently doing an excellent job portraying a Jazz musician in the HBO New Orleans drama series, “Treme.”